Tuesday, February 21, 2006

24 Hours of Stress

I have officially entered pre-trip stress mode. I love to travel. I love the anticipation. But I do not love the actual preparation. I have way too much to do tonight and not nearly enough time to do it.

Our hula festival this weekend went well. I am still a bit sore in my knees and calves but that is to be expected. I'll post a link when we get pictures up on our website. I really intended to write more but this is going to be it for now.

20 hours until BFWWC...

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kel said...

I so hate to be a Martha Stewart clone (actually I love it) but with a little planning, all that stress can be avoided. I've been organizing and packing all this weekend, so that I could be ready for today, without stress. I didn't get home until after 9 last night, but fortunately I was already packed so I had a relaxing night watching a little figure skating and got a good night's sleep. And, yes, the answer to the question that my mom frequently asks me "it does feel really good to be perfect."