Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marge (and other things that don't make sense)

Well, Kel, you inquired about my mother's antics a day too early. Promptly on Sunday morning I got another story to add to my repetoire (spelling?). Apparently she called my husband at 7am to see if he was awake so she could come over and fertilize our lawn. Not joking. This woman needs to bottle whatever it is she's taking and give it to me, maybe then I'd finally get something done faster than my namesake the three-toed sloth. Actually, whatever it is she's on, I don't want it, not if it involves being functional at 7am on a Sunday.

Another thing that doesn't make sense is the fact that I had finally gotten my little angel to sleep in the living room (long story) and then decided to use the telephone. Brilliant move. Now she's in there screaming bloody murder. Oh well. Another one (nap) bites the dust.

Hmmmm, Lent. Yes, "celebrating" Lent does seem a little oxymoronic. (nice word, huh?) I think about Lent and I think, oh well, maybe next year. But I will fully support you in your Lenten quest(s), Jo.
[Brief pause.]

We are now joined by Sophie, whose mood has improved dramatically since being rescued from the crib. She says to tell you that she had fun meeting her "Aunties" and misses you terribly already. Well, she would say that if she had object permanence, but since she can't see you, I don't think she remembers that you exist. But I miss you terribly already, so I'll speak for both of us.


Jo said...

Well, I have object permanence and I miss you both, and Kel and Chrissy, also.

Our moms are a hoot.

kel said...

Ditto! I wish my mom were more crazy. She did buy a vacuum cleaner off of the Home Shopping Network- does that count?