Monday, March 06, 2006

My Dad

For those of you who know my father and/or have heard about his anecdotes you will not be surprised by his latest antic. My perpetually youthful father (he's be 35 for the last 25 or so years) was playing baseball this weekend. Another player threw him the ball, thinking he was paying attention. Carl was probably reciting the lyrics to "Good Vibrations" in his head and didn't realize said ball was being thrown. Anyway, the ball hit him in the eye. His orbital bone was fractured, though probably not needing surgery. Unfortunately his eye is so full of blood that the pressure is very high and can cause him to lose vision. He is on six different meds and spent almost ten hours in the emergency room. He has to be on "sit rest" for the rest of the week, not moving around at all and even sleeping sitting up. Fortunately last night he began to finally be able to see a little, so hopefully he will be okay. He now has a shiner like a prize fighter and will, alas, never be an eyebrow model.


Sars said...

KEL! I'm so sorry about Carl. Y'all must have been so stressed!! I am glad he has regained some vision; I hope he gets it all back. It's too bad about the eyebrow modeling, though. He had such fine eyebrows.

Jo said...

Kel, So sorry about your dad. That is pretty hardcore, though. Glad to hear he is improving! Keep us posted.