Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Food Network

Everyone is talking about the Food Network. I have had many conversations discussing the various "characters" on the show. My friend Wendy hates Alton Brown, whom I love - geeky skits and all. Everyone is annoyed with Sandra Lee (To quote Wendy "I wish she would stop jacking with the angel food cake") and everyone agrees that Rachel Ray talks with her hands too much. By the way, there is apparently a Rachel Ray drinking game- take a shot everytime she says "E.V.O.O" or "Cook up." I love to eat and cook, so I understand why I watch it sometimes, but it's almost a compulsion with me now. I think part of it is that as I get older my attention span has gotten shorter. I can no longer do a one hour drama (except for my beloved Gilmore Girls). I am sick to death of crime shows (pun unintended) and don't find the comedies funny. But the food network- ah, thirty prepackaged minutes of comfort.


Jo said...

What does E.V.O.O. mean? Everyone talks about how great the food network is, but I don't have it. I'm familiar with Paula Deen and that's about it. I love the way Paula talks - everything sounds like it would taste even better when she describes it.

kel said...

Travesty! How can you NOT have the food network????? St Louis seems like a fairly cosmopolitan place to me- how can they get away with this?

Of course everything Paula makes would be delicious- everything has at least a stick of butter in it.

E.V.O.O is "extra virgin olive oil" as she explains in every single episode which begs the question, why use an abbreviation if you are going to explain it each time?

TTFN- ta ta for now.

Sars said...

I googled the Rachael Ray drinking game and was going to post the link, but all the sites I found were very mean-spirited about it. I don't really like RR myself, but I didn't want to support those mean sites.
And don't you think I know what TTFN is?? :)

kel said...

That was the point!
BFF (best friends forever)