Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It All Makes Sense Now

So I went to Target today to return a gift I had recieved for Sophie that didn't fit her, and I didn't have a receipt. So they gave me this rigamarole about only getting to do two non-reciept returns within a 12-month span. Later, I was commenting to a friend how Target has gone all FBI on us. And then I read this story in "News of the Weird":

You Might Want to Do Your Shoplifting Elsewhere: Increasingly, police departments and government offices (customs agencies, NASA, even the FBI) rely on state-of-the-art investigation support from the Target Corp. (as in Target department stores), according to a January Washington Post report. Target's world-class forensics lab in Minneapolis is the first choice by many departments for examination of surveillance tapes and other evidence, and it was Target in the mid-1990s that finally moved agencies to coordinate previously incompatible databases of criminals (treating the felon population as a nationwide "inventory control" problem). A Target executive said he works for "a high-tech company masquerading as a retailer." [Washington Post, 1-29-06]

I guess I understand Target's need to keep hardened criminals like myself from exchanging one pink Winnie the Pooh outfit for another, I mean, what if it fell into the wrong hands???


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kel said...

We can blame it all on movies like Garden State which explain how you can cheat the return without receipt policy. They just go into Home Depot, grab an item off the shelf and then take it to the return counter. Voila they just made money returning HD's own item back to them.