Monday, April 17, 2006

New Technology

I found this little gem of an article on "News of the Weird." I know some folks who could certainly use this product.


kel said...

I'm a teacher. I am very skilled at boredom detection. It's the look everyone gives me as soon as I open my mouth. Especially in the Spring time. Especially with seniors. I figure as long as they're not sleeping- I win. Way to set the bar low enough that I can just step over it.

Sars said...

I love it. I also know a thing or two about setting the bar low-I would often just settle for them not physically abusing each other while I was teaching. Have you started the "Days Left" Countdown?

kel said...

I haven't started the count down because to me, rather than being encouraging, I find it very very discouraging. I have SO MUCH to do! Perhaps I should not have been lazy all spring break. But the kids have a countdown of course (theirs started the second day of school).