Monday, April 10, 2006

Nothing Special

I like to try and only blog when I actually have something to say, but seeing as how it's Monday and I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, I can no longer resist the urge to write. Unfortunately, I've got nothing special to say (hence the title.) I did read an interesting article on msn about TV couples and why they take so long to get together. It (again) was nothing special, but I want to be like Jo and post interesting links, so consider this a trial run. Spoiler Alert: It contains info about the West Wing, so if you're behind, don't read it.
Also, has anyone read or heard of Sarah Vowell? I saw her on Leno or Letterman and she seemed really funny. She is on NPR and her most recent book is about her going on vacation to all the sites of the first four presidential assasinations. It's called "Assasination Vacation." I have it on hold at the library. In it she refers to Robert Todd Lincoln as "Jinxy McDeath." That's enough for me to check it out. Anyway, I'd better get to cleaning.


kel said...

good article!

Jo said...

I've had Sarah Vowell on my "To Read" list for a while but just haven't gotten to her. Do give us a review after you've finished Assassination Vacation.