Monday, April 03, 2006

Prom Reflections

For those of you who were absolutely dying for a prom update, here it is. The night went very very well. Most of the boys wore tuxes and the girls wore absolutely beautiful formal dresses. They looked far far better than the kids at my prom did. I don't know if it's the styles they wear now or what, but I didn't see any of what I refer to as "unfortunate dresses." I found it ironic as I looked in the mirror- I was doing my best to look young - and they were doing their best to look old.

They also were very good natured and wholesome. There was no spiking of the punch or cat fights. There were few, if any, wall flowers. They all danced in a friendly way, but not too friendly- I didn't get to walk around couples saying "leave room for the holy spirit" (which was a little disappointing to me). Not everything was different from our public school proms though, I am happy to report that the infamous "prom picture pose"in front of the slightly cheesey background is still alive and well. Corsages still itch and wilt and there were still lots more single girls than single guys. I think these will be universals.

A mom commented to me how it would be fun to go back to one's own prom. I think only if I could be the now me (although maybe in my 17 year old body). I think it would be so much more fun to not be so worried about what everyone thought or so caught up in what I wore or who might be looking or not. If I could just leave all that awkwardness behind. But then there's the reality check: I still worry about all those things. But there's hope. Maybe I'll someday be like my coworker who spent the whole night dancing away oblivious to anyone else's concerns or hair falling flat or knowing the latest dance moves, having the time of her life.

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Sars said...

Kel, I truly appreciate the prom update, as I was very curious about how it all went down. I appreciate your reflections; being a Texan I definitely am very image conscious. (Did I just refer to myself as a Texan??)