Sunday, May 07, 2006

Catch up

Hi, all. I've been behind in reading blogs and just caught up this morning so I have a few belated comments to some of your blogs. Cinco de Mayo has a special place in my heart because it's Eric's birthday. And on that note, Kelly, I think you should think about getting set up with the 22 year old. If you don't like him, you don't have to see him again, but from personal experience I can say that we need to give younger men a chance and it can work out quite well!! I read the Great Divorce years ago and really liked it too. Sarah, I too saw In Her Shoes and also noticed the similarities between Diaz's backside and yours. Seeing all those pretty shoes made me wish that I didn't wear 10 1/2's and orthotics, no less! I will forever wear practical, comfortable shoes but I wish it could be different.

Eric's and my cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman was awesome. We had a great time.

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kel said...

good to hear from you. Give Eric a happy belated birthday. Can't imagine that cinco de mayo is a major holiday in CT, but I could be wrong.

I'm feeling you on the shoes! That movie really reminded me of my sister and me, except that neither one of us is Cameron Diaz.

I told my neighbor I was willing, but that was two weeks ago. Perhaps the boy was scared off by my advanced age.

More details on your life, I miss hearing from you!