Friday, May 26, 2006

Feeling Blue

I was feeling a little blue today for various reasons. And then out of the blue my friend Rachel (who lives in an entirely different state) called and said she was going to be it town tonight (apparently I already knew this but since my brain is made of swiss cheese these days, I forgot). That made me not blue anymore. What's a happy color? Pink? So I'm feeling pink now.

My friend Wendy and I had a very surreal work out experience the other day. I was going to write about it, but of course she did a fabulous job writing about it herself so you need to check out her blog (she's hilarious if you haven't, so read it all) and this posting specifically

So I'm leaving Sunday morning (I have to leave my house at 3:30 AM- is God even up then?) for France. I will be gone for eight days. I will miss the blog! But hopefully when I get back I'll write in a French accent.

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