Friday, May 19, 2006

Man With Farm Seeks Woman With Tractor

So I was at the library today in the cookbook section, and I happened upon this little gem of a book, entitled the same as this post. It's a collection of the best and worst personal ads of all time. I thought everyone out there might enjoy a little chuckle courtesy of Laura Schafer (the author) who states in her introduction, " There are a million attractive, wealthy people out there who enjoy long walks ont he beach just waiting to fall in love with you." So here's a good one to whet your appetite:
"Any gal what's got a cow, a good feather bed, with comfortable fixings, 500 dollars in hard pewter, one that has had the measles and understands tending children, can find a customer for life by writing a small billet box, addressed Z.Q. and stick it in a crack of Uncle Ebenezer's barn, back side of the hen pen."
-American Newspaper: Reprinted 1840
Sounds like a winner, huh?

Kel, this one's for you:
BERLIN- Possession of 75 jars of preserved meats was set forth as an inducement by a young man advertising in the Lorracher Blatt. The young aspirant included among his personal charms and qualifications, ability and willingness to help with the housework.
-November 19, 1922
The Charleston Daily Mail

And one of my personal favorites:
"Help, please catch me before my boobs start to sag. I wasn't able to respond to your ad in time. We may be what we're both looking for. Please call!"
February 14, 2004
Chicago Reader

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kel said...

Love it! Why can't I meet a guy that comes with his own preserved meat? How will Pa, Ma, Mary and I make it through the upcoming winter if we don't have enough provisions?