Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can you find 5 things that are missing from this picture?

First of all, I just need to offer a quick apology to our 2 or 3 faithful readers. It has been exactly two weeks since our last post. It's shameful really. The authors have done most of their communicating off-blog during this time as there were several topics to be discussed that were frankly "inappropriate for the blog." Also, Sarah was kidnapped and held in a remote Northwoods cabin and was just rescued and returned to Texas yesterday. Glad to have you back, Sars. Also, just a quick update for any concerned after the previous post - Kelly is alive and well after her run-in with a scorpion.

In general, there has been a bit of a drought in our little corner of the blogosphere. Mitsi has been quiet, as well as The Caffeinated Sugar Monkey. Chris had a dry spell there for a while but is making up for it over the last couple of days. Yovo Yovo can only bother herself with posting every 3 months or so. (By the way, congrats on the engagement, Chrissy.) Katja seems to have forgotten she even has a blog. Several others on my blogroll have been slow with the posts lately as well. I can only hope this means that we are out enjoying our summers and doing lots of interesting things that we can come back and report later. Actually, that is exactly what Mitsi is doing. Hi Mitsi! Hope you're having fun in Taiwan! Mitsi in Taiwan: http://mitsiintaiwan.blogspot.com/.

Tonight I came across the most entertaining website that I've seen in a long time (besides this one, of course): Improv Everywhere. It has had me laughing out loud for an hour. Their annual No Pants event (see picture below) has earned quite a bit of notoriety, but I particularly enjoyed Best Buy and Cell Phone Symphony. Oh, and try Romantic Comedy Cab and Will You Marry Me if you're in the mood for something sweet.


Sars said...

Apparently little Sophia is a fan of improveverywhere because when I walked into her room this morning she was also pantless! Just lying there in her shirt and diaper, grinning like a chesire cat.

She (I thought) was finally big enough to wear the jammies she got from her Aunt Jo, but I guess there's still a little too much room in the pants, as they came right off.

Perhaps we should go to NYC for next year's event.

kel said...

Thanks to you and Improv Everywhere I have "wasted" the last two and a half hours of my life!