Thursday, September 28, 2006

Go Cards!

I seem to be the only one that remembers how to post on this thing. Hello, out there! Anyone?

I'm headed to the Brewers/Cardinals game tonight. It will be my first time at the new Busch Stadium. We perhaps did not pick the best day to go as the temperature this evening is likely going to dip into the low 40s. Most of you know that I get cranky in cold weather, which is probably a bigger problem for the people I will be spending the even with than for me. I could wear The Coat That Changed My Life but that might be overkill. No one else is going to be in a knee-length parka. Anyway, I'm not sure where our seats are yet. Christina and I got up early and waited at the stadium for First Pitch tickets which are almost like rush tickets. We each got a pair of vouchers for $11 which we will exchange for actual tickets at game time - anything from standing room to a field box. That means Jon and I probably won't be sitting with Christina and Terry. It's all very complicated but I'm just happy that I'm finally getting to go to a game during the inaugural season at the new stadium. Jon is feeling pretty sick today with what is probably a bad cold so I'm a little worried about him going to the game tonight, especially if we end up with standing room tickets. He absolutely has to get in a long run tomorrow (3 hours, maybe more) to stay on schedule with his marathon training.

Thankfully, the Cardinals snapped their 7-game losing streak last night. Their magic number now stands at 4. Kristy, I love you, but I want the Astros to lose, lose, lose.

I Bleed Blue

Just in time for a potentially disappointing end to St. Louis' baseball season, we have what can only be an encouraging start to our hockey season. After 24 consecutive trips to the postseason (which was the longest streak in all of professional sports - NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA), the Blues finished the regular season last year with the worst record in the league, 21-46-15. It was only the 4th time in Blues history that they did not make it to the playoffs. It was embarrassing and disheartening. There are a lot of new names on the roster, a new name for the arena, and a new owner so hopefully this will all add up to a successful season. I've been considering what new element to add to my Blues game-day ensemble. I already have a signed jersey, hat, blue nail polish, Blue note Zamboni earrings, and stickers for my face. I guess the next logical step is socks (pun intended).

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Sars said...

Congratulations, Jo on the Cards.(This is David, by the way.) Despite of their glorious attempt to make mlb history by blowing an eight game lead with two weeks left, the Cards will be in the playoffs. It might have been the biggest choke in sports history but the astros couldn't win on Sunday. Well, the playoffs bring new hope so hopefully Pujols and co. can get things turned around. It's football season anyway so no one cares, but good luck.