Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Make it a Double

Once again, the Ear Infection Fairy (my least favorite of all the fairies) has struck the Soule household. I noticed my favorite little monster was grabbing at her left ear last night at dinner and my suspicions were raised. Then when she would have nothing to do with her bed time bottle, I thought, hmm, I guess we're going to see the doctor. So she wakes up this morning as cheerful as ever and crawlng and climbing, etc. But we go to the doctor anyway, where she plays and flirts with everyone in the waiting room. She seemed oh so sick as she slid down the slide. But after an hour waiting we see the doctor. Sure enough we find out that not only does our little trooper have an ear infection, she's got one in both ears. The doctor said it was a pretty bad infection, too. Which leads me to believe what I already secretly knew: I have one laid back baby. I mean, if both my ears were raging with infected fluid, I think I'd let people know about it. And I'd have those people brining me ice cream and People magazine.

And while I'm telling stories, here's another one: Yesterday I took Sophie with me into the bathroom because I needed to go and didn't want to leave her in the living room unattended. Well, she immediately pulled herself up on the tub and was looking at her toys. She reached just a little bit too far and climbed/flipped/fell into the tub. I was right there and fished her out right away, but she was none too happy about that unexpected outcome. She's really quite agile for a non-walker. Anyway, I now have no idea how I'm ever going go to the bathroom again while she's awake. I guess I could always do the awkward hold-the-baby-while-I-pee maneuver, but that has a set of problems all its own.

And did I mention she likes to splash her hands in the toilet water? Yeah, that's right. Toilet water. Motherhood rocks.

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