Thursday, October 19, 2006


Couple of quick things before I leave for Chicago!!! That's right, in just moments we will be leaving for the Windy City. Oh, I can't wait. My list of eateries that I must visit is daunting but I think we can do it. We picked up our matching Team IW hoodies last night. We are so going to stand out in the crowd. There is no way that our runners won't be able to see 13 people in bright gold with signs and a cowbell. We will be obnoxious and wonderful. I'll post a picture next week.

My mom painted the bathroom. Visit this old post ( to see why this is a big deal. Actually, I should say that my mom made my dad paint the bathroom. It is all white once again. I'll post a picture when all of the fixtures are reinstalled.

That was the best Monday Night Football game ever. So cool. The Bears defense is awesome. Yay Brian Urlacher.

What is wrong with my Cardinals.

I'm not going to talk about the Blues until the Cardinals are finished.

I applied for my passport. So exciting.

By the way, sorry if the formatting is a little off on this post. I don't get the same options when I use an Apple that I do with my PC.

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kel said...

So the Cardinals didn't let you down after all. Maybe they sensed your shame in them and they mustered all they had. "Come on guys, we can't let Johanna down," they said to eachother in the dug out. And it worked.