Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Don't Want to Grow Up Pt. 2

Megan, this is for you:

Ways I'm Avoiding Growing Up
1. I hang out with teens all day.
2. I carefully pluck every gray I see.
3. I occasionally shop at Forever 21 (However, since I can
barely fit into any clothes they sell [not actually being 21
or anorexic] , so currently I am wearing a Forever 21
, but hey, it's still 21!)
4. I still drink non-diet soda.
5. I don't have short hair.
6. I still let my parents tell me who to vote for (I cringe as I'm writing this)


Mrs.Robinson said...

Oh Kelly. Number 6 makes me sad. That's no good. Let me tell you who to vote for.

Megan said...

I am definitely getting old then... I've never been inside a Forever 21, I gave up regular soda about a year ago for diet soda (I gained way too much weight because of my desk job), and my hair is short. Thanks for posting your response!