Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Same-Side Sitters Revisited

Last night my mom and I went to dinner with our friend Kay. My mom and I sat on the same side of the booth and every time Kay got up to go to the salad bar, I felt like one of those people I blogged about yesterday. Then, the table next to us turned over and the new couple that sat down sat next to each other on the same side of the table. I have never noticed this so many times so close together. It is an epidemic.

So last night, I conducted an informal poll on this topic to see if other people feel the same way or if perhaps we are just blowing this whole thing out of proportion. I believe Kay said that she would do this if she was trying to watch a game on TV. Okay. My mom said that she would sit (and has) on the same side as my dad if she was cold and wanted to cuddle for warmth. This is both cute and gross, but okay. Robbie and Jenni reiterated the TV reason. They went a step further, however, and said they would sit on the same side of the table at the mall food court. This is because they like to people watch (also called "making fun") and it is easier when they have the same perspective. I'm not convinced this is totally valid, but we'll let it slide. None of these reasons explains the two separate couples at St. Louis Bread Company (Panera, for you out-of-towners) the other night that sat next to each other. There are no TVs there, it wasn't particularly cold, and there weren't any good people watching opportunities.

Here's another important debate: chest hair or no? Read and discuss.


kel said...

For the record... I have never sat on the same side of the seat. I am however concerned that no one wants to sit on the same side as me. Should I be hurt?

Chest hair is bad. Although, in all fairness if women are starting to grow their eyebrows out, shouldn't men be given the same "privilege"?

Mrs.Robinson said...

I am so uncomfortable with same side sitters. I don't get it and, as a former waitress, I have to say that it can be really annoying to try to serve people who are crowded on the same side of the table, especially if the plates are hot and/or larger than normal.

Mr. Monkey and I are opposite side just makes it easier for him to gaze adoringly at me, I think.

On an unrelated note...go visit my blog...I've posted a newie and there is a contest involved.