Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sophie's Birthday Extravaganza

Although it's been 2 weeks since Sophie celebrated the big #1, I have had numerous technical difficulties in attempting to share her joy with the world in pictures. So I will try again.

The Birthday Extravaganza involved a family dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's House with lots of Aunts and Uncles. Aunt Kel even flew in from Arizona to share in the fun.

I photo-documented the evening as it progressed.

Phase 1: Innocence

Doesn't she look sweet (and clean?)

Phase 2: Testing

This is Sophie after her first bite of chocolate cake. Mmmmmm.

Phase 3: Bliss

And the best part is, I didn't even have to clean her up!!

If you want to see the video of this, click here.

We had a lovely time and she is just about the most precious thing on the planet. Her newest tricks:

1) Saying "Nummy Nummy" while eating raisins by the handful.

2) Singing "E-I-E-I-O."

3) Pushing her new shopping cart.

4) Throwing anything and everything over her shoulder as she cruises by.

(And no, she's not walking yet. Still not all that interested.)

Here's a picture of me, Soph and Kel.

Now that I have all these major posts out of the way, I will be much more of a regular contributor. Actually, I am getting my new baby DELL laptop tomorrow, so I'll be a posting fool!!!!!!!


Mrs.Robinson said...

Oh my goodness...that is so how I want to spend my next birthday...though I don't want the pictures of me covered in cake ending up on the internet.

She is adorable.

Jo said...

That girl has hair now. What's up with that?

Jo said...

By the way, this is a terrific picture of the 3 of you.