Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Junior High Flashback

Perusing a somewhat trendy/classic clothes cataglog the other night and to what did my wonderous eyes did appear? Visions of peg rolled (AKA "french rolled") jeans. I remember distinctly the thought I had in junior high one day as I was attempting the arduous pegging process: "I will never not wear my jeans this way." Well, the rolling went the way of leggings, so I guess it means it's about time for them to be back. (By the way, this picture doesn't do the pegged jeans justice, the ones in the actual catalog were genuinely pegged. Perhaps the "stylists" thought better of it when it came to putting stuff on the internet.)


Sars said...

Oh, I desperately hope pegging does not come back. I have found that anything short of a straight leg on a pant is most unflattering for a woman with "curves" on the lower half. Of course it looks good on people like you, Kel, who happen to be long and lean. I think I'll stick to my Gap straight leg jeans!

Jo said...

Pegging is a terrible idea for those of us with hips. Actually it is a terrible idea for everyone. What happened in the 80s should stay in the 80s. Stupid J. Crew.

kel said...

Sarah, I believe you greatly overestimate my leanness. I would look like a sausage stuffed into those jeans.