Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Million-Germ-Eliminating Toothbrush Sanitizer

After reading Kelly's post, and realizing that her cleaning isn't all that unusual (although I hadn't thought of cleaning mouthwash), I found the perfect gift for her wishlist to save some cleaning time. I'd be tempted to put it on mine as well.


kel said...

Warning: the following is gross, and you can not unknow this once you know it!

According to a friend of mine who apparently saw this on Mythbusters, they did some studies on toothbrushes. The show put exposed toothbrushes all over the wall of the bathroom as well as one in a sealed container in the kitchen. The toothbrushes were regularly used with distilled water and put back either on the wall or in the container. The toilets were used regularly, allowing the normal "spray" that apparently comes up when one flushes.

Apparently at the end of the study, they examined all the toothbrushes and found on ALL the toothbrushes (including those in sealed container in the kitchen), get this: fecal matter. Get your germ eliminating toothbrush sanitizer today kids!

Sars said...

On matters like this, I take the ostrich approach: stick my head in the sand and pretend it's not happening. Otherwise I'll go crazy thinking about all the germs, especially as my infant eats her graham crackers off the floor before I can stop her!