Thursday, November 16, 2006

That Explains It!

So I must admit, I have been harboring some ill will lately to some of my fellow blogging friends. It seemed that every day since I last posted, which was Oct. 31st, I have been faithfully checking the blog. This activity was often one of the high points of my day- seriously. When I'd see a new post I'd be so excited, my palms would sweat with anticipation (no pressue there for good posts, right?) I almost resent it when there are two new posts there because I don't get to have the fun of discovering a new post twice. But no new posts. And almost worse, no comments on my oh so clever last post. That's almost a slap in the face, is it not? For 15 days I have been checking the blog and nothing. I almost gave up. I thought, I have no friends. The blog is dead. It was fun while it lasted.

So I'm talking to Sarah on the phone about the blog and all of the sudden I get that sick feeling in my stomach, you know the one where you suddenly realize that the guy you like actually likes your best friend (which you discover because he wrote your best friend's name in your yearbook instead of yours!) ? So anyway it dawns on me, perhaps for some reason your bookmark is just brining up the last time you blogged, not the latest updated blog. So for 16 days I've been looking at the old posts. Horror!!!!!

So now I am happily caught up on the happy world of apartment five b. The last 16 days have been miserable, so I'm glad it's over. But now I have a lot of commenting to do (as I explained to Sarah I feel it only polite to comment on every post). It's nice to be back!

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Sars said...

Kel, sooooooooooo glad to have you back; you are the one and only, so your absence was truly felt!