Friday, December 15, 2006

Caramel Corn

Katie, Kelly, Sarah, and I are sitting in Sarah's living room, eating caramel corn, listening to Aerosmith, etc. We spent a good portion of the evening as members of the Sophie Admiration Society. We watched her walk, play, show off her animal sounds and baby signs, bathe, and get her ducky jammies on. Katie, Kelly, and I are planning ways to kidnap her. You think I'm joking. Megan, wish you could be here! Kristy, see you Saturday! Katie says: RV is the worst movie ever.

Sarah says: caramel corn.

Kelly says: Katie has reindeer socks.

Johanna says: Please pass the donut bites.

Kelly's explanation for not contributing to this group blog session tonight: Since I was the last one to blog, I shouldn't have to blog.

Sarah says: I don't want to be nice. I'm not nice. Sweet is not a word people use to describe me.

Kelly says: We could talk about nose hair.

I have a feeling the other girls are not going to like this post when they read it.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Katie & Eric!

Also, I've been informed that I missed a couple of blog birthdays this year. Happy belated 29th, Kelly. Happy belated 30th, Katie.

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