Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Countdown to BFLW: 24 hours!

In just 24 hours, most of us will start converging on Fort Worth, moving on to San Antonio on Saturday. I am almost packed and I've already printed my boarding pass. An updated itinerary will be arriving in your inboxes shortly. There's lots of fun and frivolity on tap for the next several days. Shopping, eating at Chick-Fil-A, laughing at the people at Hot Dog On A Stick (please, someone remind me to take a picture this time), drinking lots of sweet tea, playing with Sophie, challenging each other at the Anne of Green Gables Ultimate DVD Trivia Game, bowling, partying it up with Kristy & Christa, etc. I already have an excuse for my sure-to-be poor showing at bowling on Friday night. I was walking down the steps last night with my dry cleaning and completely skipped the last step, turning my ankle pretty badly in the process. I don't think there's any real injury there but it is really sore. So that is, of course, going to interfere with my approach during bowling.

Ray & Tristan

Last Thursday night we went to the Ray LaMontagne concert at The Pageant. It was a great show from beginning to end. A girl named Tristan Prettyman opened - check her out if you get a chance. Tristan, if you ever google yourself and stumble across this blog, I'd appreciate it if you would please record "Just In Case" and "All I Want For Christmas Is Us." Thanks!

Ray started with one of my favorites, "Barfly." I can't say that I was surprised, but I was pleased to find that Ray sounds even better in person than on his recordings. "Hold You In My Arms" came up around 3rd or 4th in the setlist and if the show had ended then I would have considered it worth the ticket price. If there is a baby boom going on right now, we might as well just name it Generation Ray since his music has got to be setting the mood for many an amorous couple.

It was a great night and I'm already looking forward to the next time Ray's in town, but we probably would've enjoyed the evening even more if the U City Bread Co. had not tried to poison Jon. Okay, they didn't really poison him, but we ordered our usual items and something he ate made him feel bad the rest of the night. That was on top of having to wait over 30 minutes for a crispani. The manager was nice about it and gave us a coupon, but I think I'll stick with my strange-but-safe Zumbehl location.

Hawaiian Minute
The Surprising Similarities Between Blogging and Hula Dancing
by Dave Taylor, The Intuitive Life Business Blog, 5/3/2006

Maybe someday soon the Hawaiian Minute will actually come to you from Hawaii.

I know it's been warm lately (warm being in the 50s) but I really don't think that's a reason for the air conditioning to be on in my office. It's freezing. I must leave it now. See you ladies tomorrow!

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