Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Should Have Married a Plumber

Because then I wouldn't be spending $**** tomorrow to fix a giant "slab leak" (whatever that means) under my house. And the really good part is that it's been leaking HOT water for a while now, unbeknownst to us, hence the astronomical water AND gas bills.

My poor, sweet husband spent 4 hours Friday and 2 on Saturday digging dilligently trying to find the source of the warm, flowing water. Unfortunately, once he finally relented and called the plumber we found out that the leak is most likely under our house, which will be much to the detriment of my kitchen and/or living room and/or laundry room floors when we repair the leak (think jackhammer). So although he is quite handy and very hardworking, there was no way in heck he was going to find that leak because apparently said leak can only be located by some very technical equipment involving highly-pressurized air, or maybe bats. I don't know. But at least our house was not damaged in the leaking/digging process.

We've just been not showering, doing dishes or doing laundry for the last few days because David refuses to turn on the hot water and hemorrhage water/gas, which I guess is fair enough. Besides, who needs clean bodies, dishes or clothes? And my kind husband is pointing out that all of the above can be cleaned with cold water, to which I kindly respond, [Response has been removed due to the graphic nature of the content.]

So that's what we've been up to, but I actually can't complain too much because I still have some water for handwashing and drinking and we have family here whose houses we can go to if the situation goes on for much longer. And besides, I have a really cute baby. (And really cute friends, I might add.)


spaghettipie said...

What a bummer. You and said cute baby can always come over and clean up at our house, too. Now, where's that headline blog??

kel said...

That sucks, royally. I am so sorry. There was a huge leak outside my house as well.But I guess this is what I've been paying the exorbitant home owners' association fees for every month (seriously!) as it was fixed by some plumbers and I didn't have to pay. But I must admit I did get scared when I saw the big earthmovers and all the pipes in front on my house. Does this mean you'll move??

Jo said...

Ouch. So sorry.

But look how cute we all are.