Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Those Idyllic Moments

Don't we look like quite the little happy family? Taking time out of our schedule to bond in a Texas rarity - a snow day. Playtime in the snow followed by hot chocolate for everyone (warm and in a sippy cup for Sophie). How picturesque and serene, right?

Except that it took us 20 minutes to bundle up, locate gloves and hats, put batteries in the camera and get out the door. And that half of the time we were outside I was trying to captrue the "perfect picture" and the other half of the time I was picking Sophie up off the snowy ground so she wouldn't get frostbite on her little tush. Oh yeah, and I accidentally threw snow in her face. (I'm a terrible mother.) The hot chocolate? Sophie's ended up on her newly changed/dry clothes, onto outfit number 2 for the day and it was only 10 am. Mine was nice and warm, too bad I was already sweating from making the hot chocolate, cleaning up Sophie's spilled hot chocolate, and curbing Sophie's temper tantrum regarding said spilled hot chocolate. This is fun, right?

But I know that in 5 years (maybe even 2) when I look at that picture I won't remember the hustle and bustle, the spilled hot chocolate or the temper tantrum. I'll remember that special morning in the snow with my little family. Totally, totally worth it. (But who knew making memories was so exhausting?)


Jo said...

Sarah, that kid is almost as big as you. What are you feeding her? So cute. I'm surprised you still had so much warm weather gear.

spaghettipie said...

Very cute pictures. You can imagine my surprise to come home to this white stuff on the ground! We didn't make it out in the snow to play, but Maddy did tromp around in the soggy marshland of a backyard that we had after the snow melted this afternoon. THAT was what I call fun...