Sunday, February 11, 2007


Some of our readers may know that I've crawled in a hole over the last few weeks. It seems like there has been a lot going on around here - nothing that has been too much to handle, but it has been hard to know what to say on the blog. A few weeks ago, my mom found out that Jack the Cat has two tumors that are almost surely malignant. The very same week we found out that Robbie was going through a bit of a health crisis of his own. Because of the nature of the problem, he wanted to keep it pretty quiet but he has decided to go public with it mainly so he can benefit from the prayers and support of friends and family. I won't go into too many details, but let's just say that soon he will share more in common with Lance Armstrong that just a love of cycling. This is on top of both of us trying to finish planning our weddings in the next few months. Then last Monday, I found out that my job assignment is finally ending after 15 months and I will be out of work starting next week. Good times. There have also been several other things over the last few days that have affected people close to me. I don't want to get on here and just whine because I know that all of us have hard things we are dealing with right now (like poor Soph - how is she Sars?), but as we so often use this blog to chronicle our highs, it only makes sense to note our lows as well.

It's tough to say whether all of these things are really slowing our decision making or if we're just using them as excuses, but we have made some progress. The current hope is that we may be able to travel to Moorea next month. I'll let you know when we've got something definite. In the meantime, I would love to hear what's going on with all of you. Please update when you get a chance.

Grammy questions: Did anyone else get tired of the Dixie Chicks? And who was the weird guy in the blue sweater that kept going on stage with them? And why didn't Gnarls Barkley win anything? And Justin Timberlake? And how could I have been in that contest to sing with him?

Love love love love love, Jo


Rachel said...

Travel to Moorea? Is that some kind of secret code?

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing what's going on right now - you and your family (especially Robbie and his fiancee) will definitely be in my prayers. Is Moorea part of the cruise or is it a separate trip?

Jo said...

I'm not going on the cruise. In general, I'm just trying to simplify things over the next few months. We found a seriously once-in-a-lifetime deal to Moorea (close sister island to Tahiti). The catch is that there are only 3 departure dates. So if we can work it out with my new job (hopefully I'll have one) and Jon's job, and if we can book it before the fare is sold out, we'll be going to Moorea on our honeymoon.

Sars said...

SWEET! That would be so cool, Jo. I hope it works out.

Soph is fine, just crawling around a lot, still not walking.

I will be praying for everything.

Love you!

Jo said...

Sars, how do you keep a 17-month-old that just learned to walk from walking? Does it hurt her? Do you just have to watch her every single minute?

I'm about to take sicky Jon to the doctor. He's on day 3 of a fever. I'm hoping my immune system is at full strength.