Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kelly's Fabuless Post

Jo asked me to post for her birthday. I really don't have much of consequence to say (do I ever?) so here are a few random thoughts.

I love the Target comercials with the play on the words that end in "less." Those are so clever that I can even forgive the "fabuless." I'm still not sure why the men in ties are playing volleyball, but I do enjoy a boy in a suit, so who am I to complain?

Go see Amazing Grace. It's a great inspirational movie. I seriously wanted to go crusade for something after seeing it. I am currently weighing different crusades to go on. A potential crusade is against stupid American Idol viewers. Now, I am often chastised or told I'm stupid for watching this show. I don't care. I like it. So there are a few clearly untalented singers on the show. One in particular is so untalented that I literally feel bad for him because he so clearly out of his league. Yet, the bottom two singers this week were two singers definitely in the top half of the competition. There are people out there who purposely vote for the worst singers. I think that is stupid and a waste and makes me have to listen to more bad singers. Of course this does not mean I will stop watching. And now I have just defamed the memory of William Wilberforce comparing his abolitionist crusade with my stupid pettiness. So sorry.

I got my official acceptance letter into grad school for school counseling. Now I just have to figure out how I can A) pay for it and B) do school and full time teaching.

Official cruise countdown: 12 days. Sarah and I are gearing up for the trip. We are currently looking for reading suggestions. So if you have any book ideas, let us know! Think beachy. I am currently in a nonfiction reading phase, which is pretty nerdy, so I need some help pulling myself out of this!


Megan said...

Yay - Kelly posted!!

I have a book suggestion, in the slight chance you haven't read it yet. The new Sophie Kinsella book, Shopaholic and Baby. I read a few pages at Books-A-Million and it was great.

Hope you have a FUN time on the cruise.

Jo said...

Sarah doesn't like Shopaholic. Or the Traveling Pants.

Sars said...

I am clearly a problem child, I know. I'm trying to think of a book that I really liked. Uhhh, White Oleader was pretty good. But that's tres depressing. I liked Poisonwood Bible, too. . . Do I sense a theme? I love Harry Potter and John Grisham. I also like Sue Grafton and Jan Karon. But I've read all their stuff. Guess I need to branch out. What about Dorothy Sayers mysteries or Jennifer Weiner?

Jo said...

While I own one or two of them, I've never gotten around to reading Jennifer Weiner.

Jan Karon's 1st Father Tim novel will be out in October.

Janet Fitch and Poisonwood Bible are a bit heavy and depressing for poolside cruise reading.

Oh! I know! The Yada Yada Prayer Group. I don't think either of you have delved into them yet. It's a series - the 6th and possibly last one will be out in a couple of weeks. They're Christian chick lit - fun but not completely devoid of substance. They're actually set in my old neighborhood in Chicago. The cover of the first one is primarily pink (when you go to look for it in the store) but you can probably find it cheaper online or at Half Price Books or something like that. This would be my top recommendation for this particular request.

You could also try the Abram's Daughters series by Beverly Lewis.

Have you both read Undomestic Goddess? But it's another Sophie Kinsella so maybe that's out...

I would also suggest all Nick Hornby if you haven't read them yet.

If you like Dan Brown, Jon would point you to books by Steve Berry. He just read The Alexandria Link.

If you like young adult books, try author Sarah Dessen (two of her books were combined to make the movie How To Deal). Or try the Chicks With Sticks series (there are 2 so far with a 3rd on the way) by Elizabeth Lenhard.

Non-fiction options: Wordplay, American Bee, Sex God, and Religious Literacy. Anne Lamott's new book Grace (Eventually) came out this week, but don't buy it. I'm hoping to score a free one this week and if so I'll send it around.

Furthermore, Sarah, if you liked those other ones, you could try Cane River or The Dive Off Clausen's Pier. Not necessarily cheery books, but I enjoyed both of them a lot.

That's all I have for now.

Jo said...

Sarah, you really are a bit of a problem child when it comes to books.

Sars said...

Jo, thanks for the exhaustive list. I know I'm a problem. I may need to set aside my issues with "chick lit" because at the end of the book I'm usually somewhat entertained. I read the first of the yada-yadas and it was ok. We'll talk more later.

kkyle said...

Kell - It was so great to see your post. I totall agree with you about American Idol...Christa and I started watching last week for the first time and are totally sucked in. And yeah, the little guy is terrible and I really want him to go away so I don't have to feel embarassed when I watch.

Check out Tipping Point for a good read. And maybe Freakenomics. Good stuff!