Monday, March 12, 2007

When you realize you've been away too long...

Before I get too far into this thing, let me say that I'm not entirely sure I'm going to be successful in managing to post an actual message on the correct blog for all my girlies to read. Fingers crossed, eh...

Spring break started this weekend, so I decided to troll through my various e-mail accounts and see what I'd been missing. I sort of figured that jo hadn't gotten married since Kelly hadn't called me yet, but I was not, in any way, prepared to see that jo's robbie's testicles had turned on him in such a vicious manner. That's no way to treat your host, testicle cells, not nice at all. I was, however, quite happy to hear that of all the cancers one might be subjected too, this one does have about as good a prognosis as you can hope for. All my thoughts and prayers are with Rob, and I can't wait to hear good reports this spring!

Kelly, I am extremely jealous that I did not get to spend time with you and the cougar in Colorado. But it sounds like you survived and made it down the slopes with style and grace.

Megan, I cannot even believe you are going to start will forever have my admiration.

Sars, I'm glad Sophie is indeed your girl, but I am worried about the prospect of your home forever containing two smelly finger blankets. David is screwed.

As for Christa and I, we are in the midst of moving from the Waller house to a house in Houston and a lovely efficiency apt in College Station for Kristy. The timing worked out really well and hopefully by mid-late April, we'll be settled in our various locales. I'm hoping to be able to go home to Houston most weekends, but I'm pretty sure Christa will be taking her fair share of trips to Aggieland over the next year or so. Let me see if I can add an image or two here...

So if this worked, you can see the front of the house, the living room into the dining room, and the kitchen. It's totally cute and it's IN THE CITY! No more waller times for kristy! know, it's quite a little town. There's a pretty famous artist, Daniel Johnson, who lives here with his parents. There's a movie all about him, but I haven't seen it. He draws things like ducks with three eyes and stuff like that. And then today, Christa and I watched a show titled, "My husband has three wives" about a lovely family in Waller, TX. When the first wife married the man many years ago, he told her that he could not be monogamous, so she decided that she could deal with the affair that she figured he would have. But instead of having an affair, he brought home another wife. Unfortuntately for him, the two wives did not get along with wife #3 and they kicked her out. I'm hoping to see these folks at dinner tonight at our local mexican food restaurant, a place I know they frequent because of the show. Here's hoping!

In any case, that's the basic update. I miss you all so much and do want to be better about blogging. How else am I going to find out about the significant happenings in the Clark family?!

Talk to you all soon!



Jo said...

Kristy!!! Nice post! I love it! So you got my message! I'm glad we got to talk today and hopefully we will again soon. Oh by the way, we were just talking about your wedding mix and listened to Baby Got Back. It was appreciated by a new audience. I miss you! I know you're pretty busy but I hope you can post more often.

Katie said...

That kitchen is enormous! I would definitely have to do more cooking if I had such a big, beautiful kitchen. Glad to get the update!

kkyle said...

Hola Katja...glad you see you're in this blogosphere too. Yay for catching up.

And to clarify...none of those furnishings are ours...the owners are still living there now.

Megan said...

Is the room behind the kitchen really purple? It looks pretty cool! Thanks so much for updating - I enjoyed hearing what's been going on with you.

I think I heard about that movie - was Marcia Gayhart (I think that's her name) one of the wives?

And it sounds like that artist draws like Anders. He drew a picture of a sad person with wings at the doctor's office yesterday. I'm a little worried that she's going to call a psychologist on that one. :)