Thursday, April 05, 2007

BUNCO and Birthday

Elijah celebrated his third birthday yesterday! The beauty of his age is that he really doesn't understand how over-the-top birthdays can get, and since he only remembers his brother's birthday, he doesn't expect tons of toys and hoopla. In fact, his gift requests were the same toys and videos that Anders received, wrapped in the same paper. We could've made it a very cheap birthday if he had gotten his wish! And we all benefit when there's a birthday - pancakes or waffles for breakfast instead of cereal, and no veggies at supper. I made an ice cream cake for dessert, and it flopped (does anyone remember the incident when I tried to make a layered coconut cake for Heather's bridal shower? It was comparable to that flop). He requested it because it's what Anders had, but I didn't allow enough time for the layers to set. The bottom layer is crushed oreos, the next layer is ice cream that has to soften up before smoothing out into the pan, and then freeze again before adding the top layer, which is a hot fudge mixture that should've been cooled a bit more before pouring. The hot fudge melted the ice cream completely and it was basically a huge chocolate puddle on top of the oreos. Would've tasted good, but it would've been a complete mess! So we instead put the 3 candle on some chocolate ice cream, and the boys didn't even notice the difference. We'll try the whole thing again tonight, complete with party hats, and see if we can get some pictures with Elijah and the real cake. The poor kid will be so confused.

After that fiasco, we headed over to the law school for a rousing game of BUNCO with other married couples. I had heard how fun it was, but it was always older women (it seemed) that talked about it. I was not ready to be labeled an older woman so avoided it until last night. It was a blast! And I'm willing to be considered old in order to play it again. On a side note, at the women's retreat over my birthday, a girl in her early 20s asked how old I was and then said I didn't look THAT old. I'm still trying to figure out if that was a compliment or not.

Sorry about not posting much lately... I have no excuse, just nothing exciting to talk about! We went to Florida a few weeks ago, and I don't even have any exciting stories from that, unless you want to hear about car sickness and the never-ending potty training. Yep, exciting stuff.

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Sars said...

Meg, I'm totally going to steal your "no vegetables" idea for Sophie's birthday when she's a little older. How clever! I have had the same feelings about bunco, but have never been invited to play. Someday maybe someone will invite me (sniff.)