Saturday, May 12, 2007

Leaving for Florida

It's been a dreadfully long time since I last posted. Sarah and I discussed a while back how sometimes when there is so much going on and you get a little behind, it almost becomes too overwhelming to try to catch up.

I'm sitting here surrounded by an open suitcase and piles of clothes and books, doing a final edit before I close my suitcase and load it in the car for the long drive to Florida. I really do need a vacation, and in that way the timing is very good. But I am also feeling the stress of preparing for my brother's wedding (including helping them to plan their Chicago honeymoon), starting a new job, planning my own wedding, and trying to decide where to live, and from that perspective, potentially being without the internet and my cell phone for a week is going to be tough. (We won't know until we arrive whether or not we have wi-fi.)

My plans for this week are simple. Sleep as long as I want. Get up and have coffee. Wander down to the beach. Sit under the umbrella and read. Get in the water for a little while. Read. Eat lunch. Repeat the activities from the morning in the afternoon. Shower just before dinner. Eat a lot of shrimp. Watch a movie or play a game or read in the evening. Go to bed. Repeat 6 more times. Megan, just wanted you to know that Jon's sister is bringing Shopaholic & Baby for me. I'm also going to give Velvet Elvis another try.

She might not like me mentioning it here, but I just need to take a moment and congratulate Kelly on being named Teacher of the Year at her school for the 2006-2007 school year. Kel, I'm so proud of you!

Quick confession before I leave. I've been tempted lately by the babydoll dress and leggings look. In my head I know it is a bad idea, but it seems like it could be somewhat flattering. I don't think an intervention is necessary yet, but I'll let you know if I succomb.


kel said...

Jo, Hope Florida is everything you describe. It sounds wonderful! I totally understand the interest in the leggings outfit. I don't think I am there yet, but I was recently contemplating the side ponytail.

Sars said...

And I've been contemplating the bermuda short. (Which is a terrible idea if you're curvy and petite as I am.) Have a great trip.

Katie said...

Kelly, congratulations on your teacher of the year award. What a neat honor!!!

Megan said...

Kel,ditto for me - congratulations!