Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Go to WHERE?

We've had a lot of talks with our boys (ages 4 and 3) about heaven and hell since their favorite aunt passed away almost two weeks ago. They're at the age where there are a lot of questions, asked over and over. Anyway, they've taken this information and have incorporated it into their pretend world. They have bad guys that are in hell (although, of course, if those bad guys believe in Jesus then they get to go to heaven) and the good guys that are in heaven. They also have the "saving" guys. Long story short, I heard Anders and Elijah playing this game again last week, and I think Anders wanted to be either the good guy or the saving guy. So he told Elijah to "go to hell". I don't think he expected me to react so strongly and was confused as to why he couldn't say that anymore. :)

Luckily they are getting out of this phase, and now they are animals and animal hunters. Phew.

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