Monday, July 30, 2007

Little Texan

I was not born in Texas. I had no desire to move here, and my parents had to drag me here, kicking and screaming. I have since adjusted to life here in the Lone Star State. I even went so far as to marry a real Texan, complete with the requisite boots and state-related arrogance (his, not mine). I guess it follows that my offspring would have some Texan tendencies.

So far I have (more than once) resisted the urge to buy the cute pink cowgirl boots Target keeps shoving in my face. And Soph does not yet own a cowgirl hat or chaps (heaven forbid). But yet she is our little Texan, and here's the proof:

1. She thinks guacamole is a main dish. She would eat an entire avocado if we let her. Her favorite thing is to dip a chip (pronounced 'bich', tee hee) and lick off the guacamole.

2. Spicy foods don't slow her down. I made some chili the other evening, and upon tasting it, realized it was pretty spicy. I had neglected to set aside any for Soph and she was very pumped about said chili since she's currently obsessed with eating beans. I decided to give her a little taste and see what happened. I'll tell you what happened, she ate two darn bowls of that stuff without batting an eye.

3. One of her new phrases is "No, ma'am." Usually said when she isn't getting her way. I wonder where she's heard that before. . .

4. She enjoys singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" with us. She says "stars. . . heart." Now we just need her to get that clapping part down.

She'll be two in about six weeks. I'm not sure I can believe I've been a mother for that long!! Can't wait to see you guys and for Soph to meet the rest of Apt. 5b!

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