Friday, July 13, 2007

Two posts in a row?!

I know, I know, you must be in shock. I'm a rare poster, but this time I've posted two in a row! Yesterday I accepted the job offer that I have been waiting for. I will be doing in-home family therapy. I missed the call from the supervisor on Wednesday night due to my driving fiasco (see next post!). I'm so excited and feeling ready to get back in the therapy world after having a nice break of looking after some really cute babies and toddlers. I will miss them but I'm excited about doing this new job.


Megan said...

Congratulations!! You'll have to tell us more once you've began. When do you start?

Katie said...

If all goes according to plan, August 6 will be my first day, right after getting back from St. Louis. The week after, on August 13, I will be going to Salt Lake City for three days of training!!