Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sometime at the Big Fun Luau I pronounced that henceforth I would be posting at least once a week. Unfortunately, Charter "Stupidhead" Cable does not seem all that interested in providing consistent internet service to my home, despite the money I continue to pay them month after month. I would switch, but there is no other way for me to receive internet unless I would also like to install (and pay for) a home phone line that I would never use. Anyway, they came out and "fixed" it again, but now I have no wireless capability, so I'm sitting uncomfortably in the office typing this, so if I seem more persnickety than usual, I'm blaming the office chair.

But at least I now I don't have to lug my laptop and cruise up and down the streets looking for a wi-fi connection. (I never actually did that, but I was close.) Speaking of things that are very foolish, let me issue a warning: If you are, in fact, thirteen weeks pregnant, and are, in fact, very emotional and moderately sick to your stomach, and exhausted from chasing a toddler around, you should NOT, under any circumstances, be watching Steel Magnolias unsupervised. I must've gone through 20 tissues in the last half hour alone. Actually, it's an amusing mental picture. Me sitting on the couch in my pile of tissues, hiccuping with sobs and spooning mint chip ice cream (the only dinner I could stomach tonight) in between each sob. I'm glad Sophie was in bed, I don't think she's quite ready for that lesson on womanhood yet. It's such a good movie, and I realized (again) how glad I am to have my girls, you girls. I know someday we'll be older and that we'll all have weathered some hard things, but we will have done it together. I'd better stop or this will be a 40-tissue night.

By the way, I'd like to give a shout-out to my husband this evening. Although he would not sit and watch the movie with me, he did single-handedly clean out a very gross refrigerator, put away a mountain of laundry and clean up the bathroom after my dinner made a comeback. Sophie was sitting at the table as I dashed to the bathroom to be sick, she said "Mommy running" and offered to get me a tissue. (I should have kept her up for the movie so she could hand me the tissues.) Awwww. I may complain about this pregnancy, but if this kid is half as sweet as it's daddy and sister, I'm a lucky, lucky woman. Dang it, could someone pass the Kleenex?

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