Monday, August 27, 2007

Back Home

We made the trip up north and are officially in Chicago. Is it wrong to admit that I already really miss Indianapolis? I think I could sell that city to anyone with preschoolers. We had such an enjoyable summer - catching up with friends from college, going to the nation's largest children's museum at least twice a week, going to the zoo, eating out multiple times weekly, and of course taking road trips to see family and friends. It's sad to see the summer end.
Todd begins interviews tomorrow for next summer. He's already committed to 8 weeks in Indy, so will be looking for a clerk position in Chicago for 9 weeks - have you ever heard of a summer vacation from school that lasts 17 weeks??
The boys will (hopefully) be signing up for soccer this fall, and we're trying to drag some of their friends along. And then there's apple picking at local orchards. Fall is my favorite season in Illinois, so even though I miss Indy, we came back just in time.

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