Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Uncreative Catch Up Post

I just thought I'd do a quick catch up post too, but mine will be shorter, less creative and also picture less. So school has started, both my teaching job and my grad classes.

So far this year, the teaching is going well. I like my freshman, and I'm enjoying teaching part time and counseling the rest of the time. I finally got my office all set up all nice and feminine like :) I'm still working a ton of hours and am pretty tired. But all in all, it's good.

Classes at my local mega college have also been going okay. Parking continues to be a major issue. Every time I go to campus I start a mental tirade, which blessedly I will not share with you today. Maybe in the future.... Yesterday I had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time on campus, it was the end of rush week and all the new frat boys and sorority girls (a friend has termed them, unkindly but perhaps somewhat accurately, as "sororitutes") flocked to their new houses and posed for group photos. It was garish, but ofcourse I'm just bitter because they'd closed all the streets down and taken all the parking spots.

Anyway, I think my classes will be okay, but it's a lot of work, in fact I must cut this short because tonight I have homework. I think my students would find some sort of justice in this.

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