Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Fun

This weekend I participated in a fun tradition around here. There's a neighborhood in which everyone decorates their homes for Christmas. They have hayrides and walkthroughs and such all season long. I have participated a couple of times in a 5K run through the neighborhood. It's really fun to run and see the lights and such. This Sunday night was the annual Jingle Bell Run.

I went with two of my co-workers and their sister. Yes, we are all that tall. The short one on the end is my mother. Here's me with my personal cheering section:

There was one sad thing that happened, although I take no personal responsibility, even though some newspapers blamed it on the runners.

One last Christmas anecdote, my sister who teaches kindergarten told me:

One of her students prayed the other day, in the most sincere voice possible:

"Dear Lord, I pray for all the children...

who don't know...


Please, let them hear the bells."

We don't know what she meant either.

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Jo said...

That was clearly a reference to The Polar Express. How cute.