Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jo's Blog Dump 12/12/07

Our weather has been craptastic this week. There have been a lot of accidents and injuries on the roads. I'm not sure of the details but Jon and I came across a startling, but amusing, sight yesterday. The traffic was a little heavy on the highway but we didn't see any accidents or anything. A minute later we saw what was causing the slow-down: lots of little stuffed monkeys scattered all over the road. Some still had some shape, but most were pretty flat and some were even leaking stuffing. I wonder where they came from.

Funny story. Saturday night at work a guy asked if we had a biography section. I explained that we don't, all biographies are shelved according to the person's place in history or culture. So he said, "Where would I find the biographies on Jesus?" No joke.

I'm thinking of getting a perm. Or as Jon says, a temp. I'm hoping for the look on the right.

I am super excited for this:

What is a blog dump? A list. I love lists. Apparently, so does everyone else.


One too many bad perms said...

I feel that it is my duty to inform you, not only as a concerned citizen but also as your sister-in-law, that perms or 'temps' as you refer to them...are rarely if ever a good idea. Though you may desire the soft, relaxed curl outcome on the right, it is impossible to attain from a perm. For that look, you need a stylist and a curling iron, and lots of hairspray. Trust me, I know from experience. If you decide not to heed my advice, know this: we will still love and accept you in the present, but we might be forced to mock your bad hair when we look back on photographs of it in the future. You have been forewarned.

kel said...

We can be assured that you (or your brother) has married into the right family if you have such an advocate as "one too many bad perms." Is it ironic that I spend hours and lots of money to make my hair straight?

By the way, as I was reading your post/watching the YouTube, I was making a list. Right now on my desk I have five separate lists. At home I have one on the fridge and two in my bedroom. In my purse I have one. I thought it was just me!!

Sars said...
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Sars said...

Craptastic is my new favorite word. Thanks, Jo.