Monday, December 03, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We found the boys on the couch after lunch enjoying a lazy day. Anders was reading the comics and Elijah was playing the harmonica.

And another pic of the boys, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special (which seems to be on at least once a week, including tonight) and eating popcorn. Don't you wish you still had the footed pajamas?

And since I'm posting pictures, here's one more. Halloween night trick-or-treating with their friends Susie and Adam. Poor Susie had to inform everyone that she was not a crocodile or dragon, but was a dinosaur.


Jo said...

Actually, I got footy pajamas at my shower, as a joke - sort of. I couldn't believe they even make them in my size.

kel said...

Anders is making such a Todd-like face in that picture!