Monday, January 14, 2008


Friday night we gave my dad his Christmas present, which was a concert with his beloved Beach Boys. We have all been to many BB concerts with him over the years and pretty much knew what to expect: old men in Hawaiian shirts, old men in non-Hawaiian shirts, trophy wives, etc. But this concert proved to be a little different. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the writers' strike, the BB had a celebrity guest drummer. BB and Full House fans alike should be uniting on this one: John Stamos. He used to play with them and I guess he got bored since he couldn't work on ER and begged to come back and tour (at least that's what the BB said, but it could very well be the other way around). Anyway he was there, sweating up a storm, playing the guitar, drumming, and even singing. I'll even admit it, he was pretty hot, but it did make me feel a little dirty to think about Uncle Jessie in that way.

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Sars said...

Just to clarify, Uncle Jesse is NOT a minor celebrity. He is clearly an a-lister, just look at his awesome hair!