Friday, January 11, 2008

Talking Politics With My Mom

At the risk of bringing up the potentially volatile subject of politics, I have to relay the most recent phone call I had with my mother:

Me: Hi Mom, whatcha doing?

Mom: Watching the debates. I have to decide who to vote for.

Me: I'm too lazy to watch the debates. You'll just tell me who I have to vote for anyway.

Mom: No I won't. You can vote for whoever you want.

Me: Then I'm voting for Hillary.

Mom: No you're not. Now get off the phone so I can find out what's wrong with Ron Paul. Click.


kkyle said...


Sars said...

It's almost as if our mother's were separated at birth!! No wonder we're friends.

And I'm pretty sure my mom would reliquish her parental rights if I voted for Hillary.

Megan said...

I told my mom last summer that I might vote for Hillary and she yelled at me. Seriously.