Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tender Moments and Other News

Last night I was lying in bed with Sophie as she fell asleep. I was singing a gentle lullaby and she reached her sweet little hand out to touch my face. But instead of the gentle caress I was expecting, she grabbed my nose and shouted "HONK!" Needless to say, the lullably quickly disintegrated into giggles and a full-scale nose honking battle. So much for winding down.

In other news, this is my first post using our new wireless router. Our other one has been out of service for months now and we've had a 50 ft. cord running the length of our house since then. I'm so glad that I don't have to trip over that cord anymore.

And finally, I have 5 weeks until my due date. I'm not totally huge yet, but am expecting remarkable growth over the next few weeks, which means I will continue to become more and more unwieldy and awkward with each passing day. Too bad y'all aren't here to make fun of me when I try to tie my shoes.


cdub said...

Why am I just now discovering this blog??

LOVE the unexpected nose honk. She is her mother's child.

cdub said...

p.s. Thanks for the call and thinking of me as you passed by the casa. I was in San Marcos over the weekend or I would have made you stop by for some mustard sandwiches or something.

Jo said...

What?!?!? 5 weeks?!?!?! But I'm not ready!!! Oh wait, I don't have to be. Sarah, I am so excited to meet Chloe. Can't wait!