Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Update

We watched the ABC Super Tuesday program last night. My question to Todd was if it really is this exciting of an election, or am I just getting old.

I've probably mentioned it before, but Obama is a law professor at U of C (though is taking extended time off), and lives 4 blocks from us. He lives across the street from my church and we are stared down by secret service each week as we walk by - I'm sure my boys look quite threatening of their safety. I love the new campaign song created by I actually teared up because I'm that much of a sap.

We listen to a lot of Jack Johnson and G. Love and Secret Sauce around here (and unfortunately Bubbly, which is Anders' third favorite song, after the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the ever popular ABC's), and Elijah declared that when he grows up, he's going to be G. Love. Then we decided that since the name's taken, he could be called E. Love. To Todd's relief, he changed his mind again and now will be known as Hunter in a few years. Speaking of Jack Johnson, here's an amusing video of his (and another, which is almost as good). I must talk about J. J. often, because Elijah is convinced that we are friends. And right now he is standing beside me dancing because once again I'm playing Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. I got that as a ringtone last summer, and it sounded SO bad on my phone that I got another one almost immediately.

And last, my baby turned 5. Amazing. So in honor of that, I'm posting a few pics. We got a great one of Anders seeing his birthday cake the first time. Let me tell you first about his birthday supper. We asked him to pick each part of his supper. So here it was... frozen peas (kept frozen) for veggies (although I've heard that technically they're fruit as well - it's all about the seeds), tomatoes for fruit, hot dogs for the main course, and a white cake with blueberries. We had a soccer theme, so the blueberries helped create a soccer ball. Not exactly Martha Stewart, but still got a very sweet expression from Anders. As you can tell, he was excited when he saw the cake.

Cake picture

And one current pic of the boys...

P.S. I just saw Krista's blog - congrats to Kristy for passing!!!!!!


Jo said...

Amazing. I can't believe one of us has a 5-year-old. Man, those are handsome boys. I'm so glad they both came to the party in August. It was great to see them.

xta said...

I just realized that Jo & Megan commented on my blog a million years ago and never noticed. SORRY BOUT THAT! thanks ya'll!

i wanted to post on here about Kristy's boards, but i don't think i'm allowed to (or maybe have no idea how to). ANYWAY, the day after she got her board results, she also got a job offer! things are finally falling into place.

love to everyone!