Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fat Pants

So Todd is in his fourth week of work for the summer. During the school year he often walks to school, which is a little over a mile, but now he walks just to and from bus stops so is not getting nearly as much exercise. Also, the firm pays for lunch EVERY day. Needless to say he's not choosing salads when he's eating out. So with all of this, he is weighing about 25 pounds more than usual. We're not sure if all of that was gained in three weeks, but he has gone up a size in his dress pants since last summer. He proudly tells his coworkers that he had to buy fat pants because his skinny pants don't fit anymore. With how much these new pants cost (he's quickly become a Brooks Brothers snob), if he gains more weight and can't wear the fat pants, he will be forced to wear my maternity pants. :)

In other news, we went to a Cubs game last night. Firm sponsored, so of course I gained a few pounds! It was a meat-lover's dream with hot dogs, sausages, pulled pork, cheeseburgers, and a few veggie burgers. The boys had a great time being babysat. The babysitter seemed quite amused with Anders. His plate was filled with vegetables, which he chose, and later for dessert he chose pickles over ice cream. She had spooned out the pickles into a bowl, and after eating that he proceeded to drink the leftover pickle juice. He said he loved it. I swear he resembles Todd's side more than mine!


Sars said...

I'm telling you, get that kid a pickle snow cone.

kel said...

ha ha, fat Todd. Funny image. I don't believe it.