Sunday, June 01, 2008

Where I Am...

Megan, to answer the question posed in your post title, I am in FLORIDA! We're enjoying our annual trip to St. George Island.

Here's our house. It's called Starry Night.

Here's the view from the back of our house facing the bay.

Dinner Saturday night at Harry A's. Not sure of the purpose of the giant menus.

Base camp. This is the view from the front our house facing the gulf.

More later, but for now I have to go enjoy my vacation! Jeremy & Shannon, I hope this is enticing you to join us tomorrow. Show these to the doctor and explain how relaxing it is and I'm sure she'll say a dose of St. George is just what Sparky needs.

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Jamie said...

Okay, I'm a little jealous now!!! ;)

Glad you're enjoying some R&R!!