Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where I Was

Sorry I didn't post from Europe. But I am back. I was on a school trip to Edinburgh, Scotland; London, Oxford and Stratford upon Avon, England (obviously); and Paris. Here are a few picture highlights.
The Elephant House coffee shop in Edinburgh where Rowling wrote the first HP. (By the way, I also drove past the Eagle and Child in Oxford which is where the Inklings [Tolkien, Lewis, etc] hung out, but no pics)

The view from the window of the Elephant House is of Edinburgh Castle. Looks just like my vision of Hogwarts.

Just couldn't resist this obvious shot.

Another obvious shot, but London's Tower Bridge is so darn pretty I couldn't help myself.
Another view of London from the Milennium Bridge. Apparently it used to wobble, but I can vouch that it's wobble-free now.
Here's Big Ben and the Eye, which we rode and was very cool.

As an English teacher I was duty bound to go to the recreation of Shakespeare's Globe Theater.

I thought this was an appropriate shot ("Swan at the Globe") since that is what some of my students call me Swan.

Proof the British like their beer. I enjoyed fish and chips and a beer at a pub on the Thames while a soccer game was playing the background. Could there be a more British scene?

The famous white cliffs of Dover. This is the view from our ferry as we crossed the channel to France.

Me and Monet. Proof that I got some culture in France.

This was the view of Greenland from our plane. I couldn't believe how beautiful, not to mention cold looking!

Be assured, there are many more pictures where those come from! Bear with me if I post more soon.


Jo said...

Thanks for posting! More, please. I'm glad you are home! By the way, has Wendy had the kid yet?

Megan said...

I'd love to see more pictures - looks like you had a great trip!!

Sars said...

So glad you're back. Keep the pictures coming.

kel said...

I'm glad to be back too. I am still jet lagged though- the other night I slept 15 hours. Can you believe it???

Wendy did have her baby. Miles is now 10 days old and is reportedly very cute. I will be able to decide this for myself later this week.