Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best Date Ever

I just got back from an evening that I told Todd was blog-worthy. It was the best date (aside from the proposal) we ever had. It had a rocky start, though, as the bus was late and then jam-packed. One of the best things about being pregnant is that a lot of people offer their seats to you on the bus - sometimes you've got to rub your tummy a few times and give seated people the sad puppy eyes, but that usually does the trick.

Our first stop was Fulton's on the River. It was situated by the lovely green Chicago River. Everything is a la carte. We dined on calamari for appetizers, bread and soup, and then steak. Todd had the petite 16 oz. portion of a bone-in Ribeye, and I had the 24 oz. Porterhouse. The sad thing is that after that, I wasn't stuffed. Not that I wanted to be, but a 1 1/2 pound steak doesn't make me stuffed?! There were two lovely couples that sat next to us and after my steak was served, one lady said "look at that - oink, oink". We knew right then we were in high society. I did hear her tell the other lady at the table that they go out about twice a year, so I figure she just needs to get out more or maybe she was jealous. I'm pregnant, and gosh darn it, I can eat a whole cow if it keeps me from feeling sick!

Then we took a walk down Michigan Avenue. It was nice because with so many people, at the Taste of Chicago, the rest of downtown wasn't overwhelmingly busy. (I may need to add a blog about the TOC experience.) We walked down to Water Tower Plaza and did some shopping, and then headed over to the biggest indulgence... The Chocolate Bar at the Peninsula.

The Chocolate Bar is amazing. It's an all-you-can-eat chocolate/dessert buffet - can you imagine?! Bite sized portions of probably 20-30 different desserts. Plus they had some great jazz playing in the background - the singer was a little wacky, but she sang well.

Todd kept the whole night a secret, but promised that at the end I'd be able to tell him that he knows me well - he's right!

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Sars said...

Please remove that chocolate bar picture!! It's causing me to salivate all over my keyboard. That's amazing, Meg. I'm picturing Phoebe as your "wacky singer".