Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update from Houston

It was a relief to see this Facebook status posted from Christa's phone this morning. I talked to Kristy last night and they were prepared. They were basically just waiting for the power to go out. They were somewhat concerned about some large trees in their neighbor's yard but Kristy said that their house sits high enough on the lot that they weren't too worried about flooding. Even if their house is safe, the rest of their city is going to be a mess for awhile.

As for the rest of Texas, Ike is coming for you next. Sarah, Rachel H, Laura C, Danielle, Kelly C., and Mitsi, be safe and update when you can.

Update, 9-13-08 11:05 a.m.: Got a text from Kristy. No damage to their house or cars and no major flooding at their house either. Still no power so they are sticking to texting message for now to conserve battery power. Laura just texted from Palestine, TX - they've got 45-50 mph winds and lots of rain but they're doing okay.

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