Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is a test.

This is only a test.  A test to see if I can type an entire post with one hand. Not so fun. I am almost ashamed to explain why I have to do this. Yesterday morning I tripped over Ray on our morning walk. I put my arms out straight in front of me to try to avoid crushing the dog and knew immediately that I was hurt. Jon couldn't leave work right away so I got Ray home and my parents met me there to take me to the E.R. (Don't any doctors' offices have Saturday hours? I couldn't find one.) I guess it's just a sprain - the x-rays were clear - but wow, does it hurt. It's pretty frustrating not to be able to do simple things like put my hair in a ponytail but I should be feeling better by the end of the week. Which is good, since we are going to Seattle to visit my sister-in-law Rachel on Thursday. I very much hope we have this flight attendant on our trip.


I thought this blog was only for wishing people happy birthday said...

oh well... congrats on your one handed typing skills. If it isn't on your resume it should be.

Have fun in Seattle, don't forget to see the Center for Wooden Boats and get the free boat ride.

Megan said...

I loved the video.

Sars said...

Very delightful, Jo. Hope the elbow heals up soon.