Friday, February 17, 2006

Here's the Deal

Gentle Readers,

Anyone get the Miss Manners reference?

Anyway, Jo and I decided that we wanted to see not only eachother but Chrissy who just came home to Chicago from her year long stint in Africa. Then Sarah said she had a friend who recently moved to Chicago and of course she wants to show off her baby. So we're all meeting up in the Windy City. Yay! The reason we chose February- well, you can thank Tucson and the wonderful creation- Rodeo Days! So I will be enjoying and appreciating the Rodeo in Chicago. Seems fitting.

So my rant for the day: people who break into cars and steal stereos and stuff and end up costing their owners $773.43. Yes, I am talking to you. And I want my broken sunglasses back.


Megan said...

I remember you mentioned you would see Chrissy soon (when I was looking for Todd's email address). Well, I hope it's warmer in Chicago than it is here. It's awful today! Todd's comment - it's amazing that you girls remember your apartment number from college. Enjoy your time together - and yay for Rodeo Days! Sorry about the car also, does your insurance cover it?

kel said...

Yes, fortunately insurance did cover it, for which I am very grateful. I find it ironic that the person who best remembers our apartment number is the one who actually never LIVED in the apartment.

Jo said...

Didn't I?

kel said...

No, you didn't officially live there, pay rent etc. But I do remember seeing you fairly often. :)